How to get free makeup samples online

Getting free makeup samples is easy. Not only do we have many on our own site, but most makeup companies love to offer them!

November 6 2018

If you've ever been to a beauty store like Sephora, you know that they love to give away makeup samples.

You might even how they're able to afford to give away so many freebies! There's actually a couple of reasons why it's profitable for makeup companies and stores to give away samples:

  1. Makeup companies make "mini versions" of their products specifically to be given away because they know that if you find a product you love, you'll keep buying it. That means that samples are a great way to create loyal customers.

  2. Samples are also a great way for companies to test products cheaply. Companies can see which samples are most popular and use that as an indication of which types of products they need to focus on. With thousands of products available in every store, knowing what to focus on is great for both the company and ultimately you, the consumer!

So, with that in mind, stores obviously love to give away samples. But, what about online?

Well, it turns out that stores love giving away samples online, too! In fact, without the cost of running a physical store, in many cases giving away samples online is cheaper than giving them away in store! Crazy, right?

So, how do you get these makeup samples? Many makeup and beauty stores will actually have dedicated pages on their websites for free samples. For example:

And so on. But, you also don't have to search the web for these, since we already do it for you! Free makeup samples are some of the most popular items we have at 101 Freebies and we update the lists regularly.

For example, here are a few items that we have recently submitted:

If you find a free sample that we don't have listed, feel free to let us know, and we'll add it ASAP.