Your Guide to Free Clothes!

We've browsed through the internet to find some of the coolest, best free clothing anywhere on the internet and then put all of it in one place so you can find it.

November 20 2018

Everyone wears clothes – unless, of course, you're the Emperor from the old kid's story – and what could be better than getting your hands on some free stuff?

Clothes and t-shirts have always been very popular options for company promotions: It gives companies and brands a chance to take their brand onto the streets and give their logo some more exposure. For people who get free t-shirts, it's a free t-shirt – and that's pretty damn cool!

If you find enough free clothes offers online, you can even stock most of your cupboard with excellent quality cool clothes that you didn't pay a cent for.

But where do you find this kind of stuff?

Right here.

We've browsed through the internet to find some of the coolest, best free clothing anywhere on the internet and then put all of it in one place so you can find it.

Here's our guide to getting free clothing samples and free clothes through the internet – and usually all that you have to do is enter some information and click send! We've even added some bonus tips and tricks for ordering your free clothes samples if you happen to get stuck.

If you've spotted any cool free clothing online that we might have missed, get in touch and tell us about it and we might include it on one of our next lists!

Here goes...

Tips & Tricks for Ordering Free Clothes

Ordering free samples should ideally be a pretty simple and painless experience, but there are still a few things that you might need to know before you put in your order. Here are some tips and tricks for ordering free samples and clothes online that'll make sure you get the best stuff out of it.

  • Double-Check Sizes

T-shirts usually aren't one-size-fits-all, so many "free shirt" promotions will allow for you to choose a size – though some sizes will naturally run out sooner than others. Double-check the size you want before ordering your promotional shirt if you want to avoid a whole lot of headaches (or a whole heap of shirts that you'll never wear).

  • Fill in Complete Information

Make sure that you've filled in complete information when ordering your promotional or sample shirt, and make sure that you get a confirmation message from the site or e-mail in your inbox to tell you that your free item is on the way. If you don't, it's okay to send an e-mail to the webmaster to ask what happened.

  • Get a Reference Number

The site will usually supply you with a reference number along with your order that helps you to track how much time is left before your order reaches you. After a few days to weeks – or if it takes any longer than the site said it would – feel free to follow up.

  • Wear it!

The whole point of promotional shirts and other clothing is that people will wear them and the name or logo will make it around. If someone has sent you a cool promotional shirt or clothes, then you should wear it – and consider snapping a picture of you in the shirt when it arrives and sending it along just to say thanks!

They went to the effort of giving you cool free stuff, so the least you can do is thank them for it!

  • Donate!

Have you spotted a shirt that you haven't worn in a while and that's kind of lost its use for you but is still in great condition? It's a great excuse to donate to a good cause – there are many charitable organizations likely near you that would be happy to receive a donation of any clothes you've grown tired of.

The Best Free Sample Clothes Deals!

Looking for cool free clothes? You've come to the right place. Here are some of the best free sample clothing deals we could find on the internet – and most of these will only require a few basic pieces of information from you and the order will be on the way to you.

Ready for the list? Here we go...

Back Country Edge

Back Country Edge is an edgy blog and brand that tells you more about being healthy – and staying cool. Their newsletter makes for a great resource for excellent tips on the edgy country life, and if you sign up to their newsletter they'll even send you a cool Back Country Edge-themed shirt! Be sure to send them a picture of you in the shirt doing something cool just to say thanks once you've received your free sample!

Let's Go Robotics

Who said nerdy can't be cool? Let's Go Robotics is making robotics really cool again and bringing you the best in tech news, advice and development – and if you request a quote for any of the services they offer through the website, they're happy to send you a free promotional shirt as a thank you.

I'm Blessed T-Shirt

The "I'm Blessed" initiative is all about empowerment and helping people out: Write to them and tell them why you consider yourself to be blessed, and they'll send you one of their "I'm Blessed" shirts from the initiative – of course, with this one you're highly encouraged to pay it forward to the next person (and they do mean kindness instead of just physically re-gifting the shirt!)

Red Zone Revolution

Red Zone Revolution is convinced that they're onto something real cool when it to t-shirt printing - and they're happy to put their money (or their shirts) where their mouths are by showing you what they can do in the form of a free sample shirt offered to subscribers. All that you have to do to get it is to go to their website and fill in some info – then click send!

Invision App's Free T-Shirt

Hey, did you know that if you sign up to the Invision app, they'll send you a free t-shirt to say thanks? Most people didn't, and that's why we put it on this list. Go to the link and sign up!

Hacktoberfest's Free Shirt

If you're into tech and you've ever participated in the famed Hacktoberfest, you'll get a shirt for your participation – yes, even if you didn't make it into the Hall of Fame of anything – and your shirt can forever be your bragging rights to the tech kingdom, or just something really cool to wear for your next barbeque.

Iron Ridge Solar Power

Iron Ridge Solar Power has been hoping to introduce the wonders of solar power to the rest of the world, and to do this they've introduced an initiative that gets YOU a free shirt for signing up. The fact that it helps you to be more environmentally friendly at the same time is just an added bonus!

The Almost Nurse Shirt

Are you studying to be a nurse or know someone who is? Get the Almost Nurse shirt for free from Board Vitals. Hey, it's even kind of perfect if you want to dress up as a zombie version of a nurse in training for next Halloween – what do you think?

Sunday Cool Shirts

Sunday Cool is a religious initiative that comes with free t-shirts – and if you'd like to find out more, you're welcome to go there and get the shirt.