The Best of Internet Freebies!

We love free stuff just as much as you do, and we've dug around the corners of the internet to find you some of the best free samples and freebie deals that you'll find anywhere else.

November 22 2018

The internet is full of free stuff, and you can get almost anything on the internet for free if you just take some time to dig around enough sites to find it. We love free stuff just as much as you do, and we've dug around the corners of the internet to find you some of the best free samples and freebie deals that you'll find anywhere else.

In short, we've done all of the digging for you so that you don't have to! All that you have to do is visit our website regularly and check back to find free stuff – what on earth could be any better than that? Bookmark us and let us know if you've found any other cool deals that we could incorporate into one of our next lists.

Here's our collection featuring the best of internet freebies that prove you can get almost anything for free if you try hard enough, including everything from fonts to nutritional information for children – yes, really!

Free Tile Samples

Free tile samples are a pretty huge business, and you can order enough free samples from different sources to tile an entire room – and it's especially great if you have a love for mosaic projects, in which case you likely never have enough tiles. Designer Tile Concepts offers free tile samples to anyone who asks: All you have to do is click on the link and go to the website.


If you really love free stuff (and we know you do!) then you should check out FreeCycle, the social network for people who love sharing free stuff. The network allows you to share stuff with other users, and the idea is freecycling instead of dumping all of this on landfills – many of the things that do end up in trash landfills are still useful, and this makes sure that whatever you list on the site gets a full lifetime of use and then some. It's a great place to pick up deals – or list your own stuff.

National Coffee Day

If you're one of the kinds of people who can't start their day without coffee, you'll be glad to know that national coffee day is actually a thing – and there are many outlets, retailers and coffee shops that'll give you a free cup of coffee on this day. If you want to know which places are offering free bean juice on national coffee day, take a look at this article for the USA Today that lists suggestions for places you can go to on national coffee day. Happy celebrating – and enjoy that cup of coffee when the time comes around.

Project Gutenberg: Free Books!

Project Gutenberg is one of the largest free, legal e-book projects in the world – and they've digitized thousands of different books for your reading pleasure, all available on their website in several different formats. You can search through their extensive library of books for pretty much any out-of-copyright book that you can possibly think of, and it's an especially great place to go if you're looking for the classics.


If you're a total bookworm and you want access to a library that's even more vast than the Gutenberg Project, you'll want to check out OpenCulture for a list of free, legally available ebooks that include classics and some new modern uploads, too.

Free Magazines

ValueMags offers a huge listing of magazines that you can subscribe to for free. Okay, we'll admit that it still sticks with the bookworm theme, but it's great if you're looking for something to read and you've gone through the old stacks of Reader's Digests you had around the house.


Free stuff is almost always awesome no matter what kind of stuff we're talking about, and TrySpree is one of the most popular options if you're looking for free clothing. Just fill in your information and they'll send the complimentary, promotional, free stuff right to you – and this is what makes TrySpree one of the best communities out there for finding free stuff.


YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing sites, and it's the one that started the entire craze – but most people don't know that the website also offers a huge range of free classic movies you can stream directly to your PC or device. This is great for a night in, and especially great if you want access to all of the classics in one place.

Sweet Free Stuff

We already know that you love free stuff if you've made it this far into the list – but how's your sweet tooth? If everything's in order, check out Sweet Free Stuff for a constantly updated listing of free food and sweets. There's nothing better than sweets – and we definitely love this concept! Send us some more!


It turns out that there are enough companies giving away free sweets for it to be a real thing – there are many candy manufacturers that are happy to offer free sweets through their website if you fill in some basic info about yourself (which of course, includes the actual address they should deliver to).

The Crackers Company

It's possible that we might have included just a few too many sweets companies on this list so far – so let's balance it out with a snack on the other side of the spectrum. If you need something salty after your sugar rush, take a look at the crackers company and fill in your information to get a free sampling of some of their nuts, crackers and other salty snacks.

Free Childhood Nutrition Resources

Childhood nutrition can be a tough nut to crack, especially if you're a new parent – Jill Castle's website offers some free childhood nutrition resources that'll tell you everything you need to know about keeping your children healthy and well-fed.

Free Games

Everyone has some time to kill during their day, it's just the amount of time that differs – whether you have five minutes or fifty, free games are always a great way to kill some time, have fun and maybe build your brain with a few weird puzzle games at the same time. Check out Addicting Games that offers you a lot of games that are free-to-play in your browser.


Are you a more serious gamer who wants to get right into the middle of the action? That's perfect – and you might find that you can get literally hundreds of free game deals over at Steam. Many paid games are offered up for free for a limited time, and if you keep a regular eye on the site you can even find some really premium deals – but most of them are only there for a limited time, so you have to keep checking and grab these offers fast.

Amazon's Free Titles

Okay, okay, we thought that we'd end this with one more bookworm-themed entry: Amazon offers literally thousands of ebooks for free – and there's no catch at all. They don't even ask you for a review. All you have to do is sign up to Amazon and you can get access to thousands of great free e-books, some of them available only for a limited time, sometimes at discretion of the author.