Free Stuff: The Best Tips for the Best Deals

Here are some of the best tips to find free stuff and online deals – even the deals that aren't necessarily listed online.

November 23 2018

If you love free stuff as much as we do, stick around and stay for a while – we've got the best free stuff, free samples and free deals anywhere on the internet, all collected in one place. You can find almost anything for free, including cosmetics, clothing, beauty products, books, movies and [insert here]. Often all it takes to find the best deals are just a little time – and we've done most of the searching for you.

Remember to bookmark us and check back regularly: We keep our site updated with the best free deals to ensure that you can snap up the freebies as soon as they appear – and you know which of the older deals are still valid. Most of the free stuff we'll tell you about are available with just a little personal information (like your shipping address) in a form and the samples will be right on their way to you in no time at all.

But what about the rest?

There's a lot more ways to get free stuff than just online links. Yup – free stuff is everywhere! We've taken a look at some of the best ways to get free stuff other than online links, too. .

Here are some of the best tips to find free stuff and online deals – even the deals that aren't necessarily listed online.

Here's how to get your money for nothing and, well, everything else for free.

More Ways to Get Free Deals

  • Visit the Store

While most great freebie deals are hiding online, there are just as many deals that are hiding offline instead – you just have to know where to look. Visiting the store instead of just going online puts you in touch with sales reps, and it can get you some great freebie deals – if you don't see anything obvious displayed around the cosmetics section of your nearest store, sometimes you just have to ask..

  • Contact the Company

Not sure if a company still offers free stickers, stuff or samples – or if they've ever offered free stuff at all? Many companies offer free promotional stuff without actively listing it on the website, and all you have to do to get access to it is to ask. Many times companies will do this in order to make sure they have enough samples to go around when people do ask.

  • Classified Websites

There are a huge amount of people who list their unwanted things on classifieds sites as free stuff – and if you keep an eye on websites like Craigslist on a regular basis, you might find some really, really cool and even sometimes high-ticket stuff available at no charge whatsoever. Sometimes you'll have to arrange for collection, but this is usually easy enough when there's a great freebie on the other end.

  • Amazon

Amazon is a great resource for free stuff, and a lot of promotional and free offers are listed on Amazon but slip through the cracks unclaimed. Take a regular look through Amazon, and make sure you search the tag "free" through the site often – this can give you a lot of really cool stuff that you had no idea existed.

  • Promotional Days

Promotional days are an excellent way to get free stuff, and many companies have limited holiday promotions where they offer free stuff for the duration of that holiday – this is usually food, but there are deals that involve almost anything, and if you're right on target with these you can keep yourself busy with promotional day deals for almost the entire year.

  • Buying Magazines

Print media isn't dead by any means, and you should take a look at your local magazine stands if you're looking for cool free stuff, especially accessories, cosmetics and skincare products – this is a goldmine, and sometimes you can even contact the magazine's publisher to find out if they have any older issues with samples lying unclaimed in a warehouse somewhere that you can have for free.

  • Buying Something Else

Sometimes you need to buy something else to get something free with it – and sometimes this is absolutely worth it! Depending on what we're talking about, there are many complimentary deals like this with high-ticket items that allow you to buy something cool and get something moderately priced along with it as a freebie; remember to weigh up the combined price of the items yourself against the deal to see if the price you're being offered for the paid item is really good enough to make the deal count.

Most people have no idea that "free unclaimed money" is a thing at all – did you? It refers to any legitimate unclaimed money that might be attributed to your name, including policies that might have gotten lost somewhere in the system and, of course, any unclaimed inheritance to be on your name. This is completely real, and it's worth checking out for everyone – you can take a look at the official government website for unclaimed money listing ways you can check.

  • Asking Around

Sometimes all you have to do to get a free deal is to ask the right person. Sometimes you have to ask in the store, but most times you can just shoot the manufacturer or retailer a message and ask them if you are able to sample their product on a smaller scale. The trick is that most product manufacturers do have samples they submit to other companies to convince them to stock their product, and it's these (usually unlisted) samples that give you a potential goldmine of free stuff.

  • Clever Couponing

Are you a master in the art of coupons to get the things you need? Great! Clever couponing is an excellent way to get stuff for free – and some (in fact, many) coupons allow combinations that let you get the item for free. There are thousands of websites with clever couponing tricks, and you can get some really great deals if you learn how to use the right coupons at the right time.

  •  Surveys

Surveys are sometimes a great way to get companies to send you free stuff. Whenever you see a company doing a survey, always remember that it could be a fast way to get some cool samples from the company in exchange for a review or a survey. There are plenty of scams out there, so always make sure that the deal you're accepting comes from a legitimate place – usually the manufacturer themselves.

  • Supermarket Stalls

You know those stalls they usually put up in the supermarket? Instead of walking right past those without looking, maybe consider stopping and asking them about the product. They're usually offering free samples for the product right there as a way to test it on consumers or to get consumers to buy, and they usually don't mind if you walk past them a time or two to collect another sample – but don't push it, anything more than twice is too much, and an elaborate disguise won't fool someone into thinking that you haven't walked past them for a sample of the product before.

  • Subscribing to Newsletters Look around for newsletters from your preferred companies: In many cases, just subscribing to the newsletter is instant access to some of the best associated freebies – whether e-books or clothes!