9 Essential Tips for Getting Your Free Samples

Essential tips for getting your free samples, whether you're a sampling veteran or you've never thought of ordering free samples before.

November 12 2018

Everyone loves getting free stuff, and if you want your pick of the best free samples available on the internet, then you’ll have to learn how to be at the top of your game. That’s what we’re for, and we’ve collected some essential tips for making sure you get your free samples – and the best advice for ensuring you always have access to the best free samples available.

Here are 9 essential tips for getting your free samples, whether you’re a sampling veteran or you’ve never thought of ordering free samples before.

1. Check Regularly

There are plenty of markets, websites and retailers who offer free samples on a regular basis, like Walmart and L’Oreal just to name two. As you become a more experienced sample collector (and as you follow the tips on our website!) you’ll learn which retailers are best known for regular samples – and you’ll eventually develop a rhythm for which websites you need to check regularly. Make sure that you include this website in your “regular list” – we’re always posting some of the best deals and samples so that you don’t have to worry about it!

2. Don’t Discount Older Samples

You shouldn’t discount the value of older samples that have been around for a while. Many (in fact, most) of these are still being offered through the same links, and the only reason they’re staying unclaimed is because people have forgotten they exist. If you’ve found a good sample link that appears to be a little outdated, it could still be a lead that’s worth checking out – especially if the offer doesn’t have a “limited time offer!” attached to it.

Some offers can be available for weeks, months or even years – and if you aren’t sure whether a deal is expired, check!

3. Get It Early

For many types of free samples, time is of the essence – and you’ll want to jump at the deal as soon as you possibly can. For some samples, this is a limited amount of samples available (say, only 10, 000) or the samples will only be available for a limited time. Check the special conditions for each sample, usually listed on the same website as the link you click on to claim it, to find out what the conditions are.

If you want to be better than everyone else at collecting samples, then you have to learn to be early – and be first, if possible. Especially for limited deals, you want to ensure that you catch the deals before anyone else does.

It’s one of the things that’ll help you stay right at the top of your game at all times.

4. Some Samples Have Special Conditions

You should always read the associated special conditions that come with claiming the offer. Sometimes you’ll find these listed along with the offer right when you click on the link, but other times you’ll have to jump through a few more hoops to find the conditions associated with the specific sample, either by following another link to a “conditions” page or digging to find it elsewhere on the site.

Always check this: The special conditions tell you more about the samples you’ve just ordered, when you’ll be getting it and anything else you need to know – and anything about quantities, weights and how many samples you can order yourself will generally be listed here.

5. Learn to Track Your Samples

You should get into the habit of tracking the samples you’ve ordered so far, especially if you want to order samples regularly and will have samples arriving every other day or week. This also helps to make sure that you don’t double-order your samples by accident either.

The easiest way to track your samples is to keep all of them in one place with a short summary. You don’t have to use special software or anything for this – if you like the old-fashioned way, keep all of this in a booklet; if you prefer something more high-tech, you can just save all of the samples ordered in a document saved on your computer or the cloud.

It’s also important for you to save screenshots or electronic print-outs of the sample’s initial conditions, too: Why is this important? If you should get your sample and it’s not as advertised, then you have the original sample’s conditions to go back on – and you can get in touch with the manufacturer to resolve your complaint.

6. Checking Into Your Mailbox

The majority of samples are delivered by mail, and it does you a great deal of good to get to know your local post-office where the deliveries will arrive. If you’re a regular collector of samples, then you’ll be popping in regularly – and you might even learn to be on first-name basis with the crew who work there!

Eventually, they’ll call you when deliveries arrive, and you’ll get to know the post office rhythm and know which days they receive their large deliveries – yes, it turns out the post office does work accordingly to a weekly schedule, and if you receive a lot of deliveries it’ll be a great help to you to know when they get there.

7. Follow Up Your Deliveries

Haven’t gotten your delivery yet? Most samples will ship out with a reference number, and even if they don’t you can usually call the company to check on the delivery status of your order. Many people completely forget to do this, and will remember a sample that hasn’t arrived a few weeks down the line a few months too late – by then, the sample could be long lost in the system, and you might not be able to order it again.

The moment you think a sample might be taking too long to arrive, or you’d just like to follow up on how long it’ll still take, get in touch with the manufacturer or website and find out.

8. Remember Reviews

Do you write reviews after you’ve collected a sample and tried out the product? Not everyone does, but if you’re a blogger or just someone who’d like to help other consumers out, it’s a great initiative to write a review for every product you’ve tried. Make sure that your reviews are honest and give a good idea of the product for anyone else who hasn’t tried it yet – and always, always, always give your own, honest opinion.

If you thought the product was great and you’d buy it again in a store, say it! But if you thought the product was terrible and you’d never buy it again, it’s also a good place to say it – and you could save a lot of consumers a lot of trouble. It also helps the manufacturer to know what people think about their product – and it’ll help them to improve on it.

For some sites, reviews with ordering samples are compulsory – and you’ll have to check out the conditions for each individual website to know.

9. Ordering Samples Tells You More

Ordering samples is a great way to test a product, and it’s a fun way to get free stuff; at the same time, it also helps the retailer or manufacturer to establish what people think about their product and helps them to improve. But this isn’t all ordering free samples will do.

Free samples can also help give you a better picture of a retailer: If it’s your first time ordering from the specific retailer, order a sample before you order the full product – and you’ll quickly see how soon your sample arrives, and how they handle the process. Ordering samples is a way to learn more about the company and ordering process, too, not just the product.

Do you have any sample tips or tricks that you’d like to share with us? Get in touch and let us know about cool sample tricks you’ve discovered or read about.