Hey, Get Your Free Stickers Here!

Here's a comprehensive list of companies that offer really cool free stickers, advice on where you can find even more free stickers – and some extra tips for proper sticker removal just in case you're having trouble.

November 13 2018

Free stuff is awesome, and one of the most common reader-submitted questions that comes our way is about what kind of free stuff you can get through ordering samples. The simple answer is anything and everything – cosmetics, clothing, cleaning products; almost everything that you use every day has a free sample somewhere.

For this post, we've decided to settle on stickers: There are many companies that offer free stickers as a way to promote themselves, and the uses for cool stickers are literally endless – from laptop decoration to sticking something cool on your guitar.

Here's a comprehensive list of companies that offer really cool free stickers, advice on where you can find even more free stickers – and some extra tips for proper sticker removal just in case you're having trouble.

Remember that some companies might require you to pay for postage, especially if you're in another country.

Sticker Removal Tips

Free stickers are cool, and if you've ordered enough and gotten yourself properly into the sticker craze you might end up covering everything in stickers. But eventually you might want to change them up and find that the glue on some types of stickers are a nightmare to remove – some leave sticky, gross residues behind and others just never come off.

There are a few things that work particularly well for removing this residue: Coconut oil does wonders, especially on wood or glass; you can also use certain types of cleaners, usually ones that happen to contain either lemon juice (think dishwashing liquid) or vinegar-based compounds.

Just a little bit of a dab and some scrubbing should be enough to get most stickers off. If you need something abrasive, just sprinkle on a little salt. As an added tip, make sure you use something that isn't too abrasive for the surface you're trying to clean – and remember that the compounds contained in dishwashing liquid can and will dissolve some types of paints.

Dry the area properly when you're done (especially when we're talking about wooden surfaces) and it'll be ready for a new round of stickers.

The Best Companies to Get Stickers

Want access to some of the coolest free stickers available? Here's a list of the best companies to get free stickers! Let us know if you've spotted any more cool companies in the comments and we might just use some of your suggestions in one of our next blog posts.

American Fish & Tackle


Billabong is a popular clothing and accessories manufacturer, and they're considered one of the coolest must-have brands for surfers. Click on the link above and request your sheet of free Billabong stickers now!

Burton Snowboards

Love snowboarding? Then you'll love getting some free stickers from Burton Snowboards. According to their website, they're always happy to send any interested customers some free stickers via the mail – but you'll have to check their website for the special conditions to make sure you get your stickers as you ordered them.

Comet Skateboards

If there's one thing most skateboarders can't go without, it's the right accessories for your rig – and stickers can complete the picture. Comet Skateboards is one of several skateboarding companies offering free stickers, and all you have to do to get your set of free stickers is to write to the company (of course, with a SASE) and ask!

Ernie Ball

Are you a guitar player or fan? String maker Ernie Ball is happy to send their fans some free stickers to put, well, anywhere they want – all you have to do is fill in the form and they'll send some your way.


Anybody still remember Heelys? If you don't, these were the shoes with wheels in the heels so that you could glide around on your heels. In short, they were great fun for kids – and a nightmare for many parents; some shopping malls even banned their use for good. You can still find them around – and yes, they make normal shoes too – and if you request it, they'll send you some cool Heelys-themed stickers.

Skull Candy

Skull Candy creates some of the coolest styled headphones around, and they're known for both quality and style. You can order sticker packs from the official online store, but many people don't know that they'll also send you a free sticker pack if you write to them an include a SASE.

In-n-Out Burger

In-n-Out Burger is one of America's most popular burger franchises, and many people have no idea that you can order from their secret menu – or that you can contact them and they'll send you a sheet of free burger-themed stickers!


Did you know that TripAdvisor also offers you free stickers if you register as a business? Neither did we! You can order your stickers just by filling out the info through this link – and it gives you something extra cool for promoting your business if you're an entrepreneur!


PETA is one of the world's foremost organizations for animal rights, and their magazine for kids has a lot of cool stuff – including PETA-themed stickers! Go to the link above to get both your free stickers and the PETA Kids Magazine.

Punisher Skateboards

Punisher Skateboards is another one of the skateboard companies that offer free stickers, and all you have to do to get them is fill in the form at the above link and wait.

Rip Curl

Rip Curl is another extremely well-known clothing brand that also tends to pop up in the surfer crowd, though they actually specialize in general sportswear, even for winter sports like skiing. They only offer free stickers with every purchase of Rip Curl wear, but it's still perfect for when you need to buy someone a gift – and stickers make the perfect bonus.


If you've never heard of Zumiez before, they're a popular clothing store (that, yes, also provides some specialized clothing for sports!) that will also be more than happy to send you a set of free stickers if you ask

Finding More Stickers!

Wait, did you think we were done?

Not yet: Here are some practical tips for how you can find even more free stickers to keep you busy!

  • Internet Lists: There are literally hundreds of lists (just like this one!) on the internet that'll tell you where to find free samples and stickers online. Bookmark these sites, including ours, and keep an eye on them regularly to see what new sticker or sample offers have popped up since you last checked.

  • Write to Companies: Many companies that aren't listed as giving away free stickers, do – and they've got plenty of unclaimed stickers sitting around somewhere in a warehouse that are given away as corporate gifts, but very seldom make it to anyone else. That's just because people don't know they can order them!

Sometimes just writing to a company is enough to have them give you free stuff – try it and let us know which companies were happy to write back!

  • Watch for Special Promotions: A lot of special promotions and competitions will involve stickers, so check back regularly to companies who run this type of promotion regularly – and remember to check out our website regularly for some of the best sample tips, advice and leads. We'll dig to find the coolest stuff so you don't have to!