Free Baby Samples

Having a baby is an expensive venture, and many new parents find this out within just a few days of bringing their little one home. We want to make it a little less expensive for you with free baby samples.

November 14 2018

Having a baby is an expensive venture, and many new parents find this out within just a few days of bringing their little one home – though most new parents will figure this out along the way when they have to pay for food, diapers and clothes.

There are thousands of free baby samples available from manufacturers and retailers, and parents can make daily life with their babies a whole lot cheaper by making use of as many of these samples as they can find.

While you can't raise a child on free baby samples alone, making use of as many samples as possible can make your life a whole lot easier and cheaper – and it helps you to find products that work well for your baby.

Here are some practical tips for ordering baby samples – and more information about the coolest and most practical baby samples you can find anywhere on the internet.

Tips for Ordering Baby Samples

  • Safety First:

If we're talking about cosmetic products like shampoo and soap, be sure to test a small sample (of the sample!) on your baby's skin first before actually using the product – this helps you to establish if there's any reaction from the product, like an itch. It's a good rule for testing the effects of your own products or cosmetics, too!

  • Write a Review:

    Did you happen to receive a product sample that you really liked, or one that you really hated? Write to the manufacturer and tell them what you think, or write a product review for your blog – or someone else's. This can be a huge help to other parents and consumers who would like to know more about the product, and it helps tell the manufacturer how to improve it.

  • Watch Out for Scams:

    Only accept offers for samples or coupons that come from the main site – and you can see this by looking at the site URL at the top of your browser. You can also verify a sample offer by typing it into your search engine and seeing what comes up – if nothing goes directly to the official manufacturer or retailer's website, then you're likely looking at a scam offer instead.

The Noobieguide Gift Box

The Noobieguide Gift Box is a free, sample-filled gift box that's perfect for expecting mothers – especially those who aren't quite sure what they need for when baby arrives. It's also a great gift box to order on behalf of a new mother you'd like to help out – and it contains everything that you need to know, including some useful guides for new moms.

Similac Formula Samples

Baby formula is one of the first things you're going to need as a mother with a new baby, but it also happens to be one of the most expensive things – and many families just can't afford baby formula for at least the first couple of weeks. Similac offers free samples of their baby formula in several different varieties – and it's perfect for establishing both how your baby feels about the formula and how you feel about the product.

Enfamil Baby Formula Samples

We know that baby formula is one of the most expensive things new parents can possibly buy, and it's one of the first things you'll need – so put in your sample orders early so that they're more or less ready to arrive by the time your baby does. We've included several baby formula samples in this article just because it happens to be useful – you can also try out Enfamil, who offers regular free samples of their formula to parents.

The Gerber Gift Box

Gerber is a very well-known and trusted brand when it comes to baby's nutrition, and the Gerber's Baby Gift Box can be ordered directly through Gerber for free – and it contains several samplers that are a really good illustration of their entire range of products. They welcome parent input – so if it turns out that you and your baby like this product, send them a review and they might just be inspired to incorporate your suggestions.

Made Of: Skincare Samples

Made Of is a smaller, all-natural brand of skincare products available for parents and babies, and if you get in touch with them through the link above they'll send you some samples from their baby skincare range. You should always remember to test a sample of the sample on a small area of your baby's skin first to see if there are any allergic or adverse reactions to the product before you actually use the sample. Yes, babies can have pretty sensitive skins – and sometimes some products just don't work for them.

Api-Vita: Free Samples of Hair & Body Wash

While we're on the topic of cool skin and haircare products for your baby, Api-Vita is another company that offers free samples of their natural hair and body wash products for babies. All that you have to do is fill in the form through their website – and in return, they'll get in touch and send you a box full of samples that gives you a better idea of their products.

Huggies: Free Sample

Huggies is one of the world's foremost diaper companies, and this is possibly the thing that new parents have to buy the most. You can go to the above link to order a free sample pack of Huggies, that includes some of their diaper samples and a few more interesting Huggies products to keep you interested. Many parents have switched to Huggies after trying the free sample pack – and this is the perfect way of finding out if the product is right for you.

Happy Little Camper Baby: Free Samples

Happy Little Camper Baby offers diapers, wipes and more baby-related products that are perfect for new parents – though they aren't as well known as many of the other brands on this list, they are a pretty damn good brand. If you order the Happy Little Camper Baby free sample pack (by entering your info on their website) they'll get it to you as soon as they can.

Get a Free Walmart Baby Box

Once you get over laughing at People of Walmart, take a look at this free baby box available from Walmart that you can either get by going to one of their participating outlets or going to the link above and applying for one: This one includes several useful samples for you and your baby, including wipes and food.

Amazon's Free Maternity Box

Preparing for a new addition to the family? Try Amazon's free Maternity Box here by clicking on the link above and filling in your information on the website. It's free, and includes a lot of things that'll be useful as soon as your baby has arrived.

A Free Heinz Growth Chart

It's important to keep track of your baby's progress – though most places don't allow you to make a nick in the doorframe to track height (just kidding, of course!). Heinz offers this free growth chart for your baby so you can track their progress easier – and it's even just as useful for your paediatrician!


What about free expert advice instead? Samples don't always have to be physical stuff, and you can find free paediatric advice at Paediq from qualified experts. Visit the website and get in touch if there's anything essential you'd like to know about your baby's wellbeing – but remember that, while supplementary, it's never a replacement for medical advice.