Want Free Makeup? Check Out These Free Makeup Samples!

Some of the best free makeup and cosmetics samples we could find – and some tips for finding the makeup products perfect for you.

November 16 2018

Makeup is an essential part of your daily routine, and most women will at least put on a little bit of eyeliner or lipstick before they consider themselves officially ready for their day! But it can be pretty damn hard to find the right makeup that works for your skin-tone, and works for your individual skin – especially if you have a very sensitive skin that doesn't take well to just any kind of cosmetics.

Samples are a great way to test your way through several options until you find one that works for you – and if you're not happy with a particular sample, you can just move on until you've tracked down the right one. Some samples will make you pay a few dollars for shipping, though most of the samples on this list is available absolutely free.

If you'd like to stock your cosmetics drawer with some of the best free makeup samples, we've dug to the far corners of the internet to find you some of the best free makeup samples. If you've spotted any samples that we don't have on this list, let us know what you've found in the comments and we might just incorporate some of your suggestions into our next list.

Here's our listing of some of the best free makeup and cosmetics samples we could find – and some tips for finding the makeup products perfect for you.

Free Makeup Samples

Free Cosmetic Testing

Free Cosmetics Testing is a website that offers a free sign-up – and some of the best picks of cosmetics from the world's most popular ranges, including L'Oreal. All they want in exchange for sending you your free cosmetics bundle is a review in return to tell the manufacturers what you think about the product. This is usually how manufacturers figure out what people think of their products, and we encourage sending your review to the product's manufacturer (or retailer) even when the site doesn't require it: It's the responsible thing to do!

MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics offers a hugely extensive range of makeup products that include over 100 different shades of makeup. Most women know how important it is to find the right shade for your skin, and MAC will allow you to cycle through several different samples or shades until you find the one that fits. All that you need to do to get your free samples is to fill in the form that's available through the link below and they'll send you some of their products via mail.

Sephora Free Beauty Samples

Sephora has many products available in their range, and it's not limited just to beauty products alone. You can rest assured that all Sephora products have been responsibly tested. If reviews are to be believed, then Sephora products are a great alternative for people who want an affordable and excellent product. To find out whether Sephora products could be right for you, just fill your information into their simple online form and they'll submit some samples your way.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Bobbi Brown is a famed celebrity makeup artist who has done the makeup of hundreds of celebrities for the red carpet, and you can order some of her exclusive range through the website – or try some samples to find out if the products could be right for you. If you find out that these products aren't quite right for you, the great thing about samples is that you are under no obligation to like the product, or to purchase the product up from the sampler.


Allure is a trusted cosmetics brand that's well-known for a hugely diverse range of high-quality products – and responsible testing. If you'd like to try out Allure's products for yourself, just fill in the information they need through the link at the top and their free product samples should be on the way to you.

Plum Perfect

Plum Perfect is well-known for creating funky, fresh cosmetics for women, and they have a huge range of skincare products and cosmetics that guarantee not to irritate your skin. If you'd like to try it out then just click on the above link and fill in your information.


Orglamix might be one of the lesser known cosmetics companies on this list, and it's one that most people will have missed – and you probably have never heard of them before yourself. They're definitely worth a try if you're looking for high-quality cosmetics that last, and you can receive (several) free samples from the top of their product line just by filling in your information.

Make Up Eraser

All women want to keep their skin in as good condition as they possibly can, and sometimes this isn't just about the makeup – it's also about how you clean your skin. The Makeup Eraser is a product that promises to make the removal of your makeup a painless, easy process – and if this is true, then many women will thank the manufacturers! You can try a free sample of the makeup eraser through their website before you decide if you'd like to buy one – and there's no obligation to return the product when you're done.

Nars Cosmetics

Nars Cosmetics is another brand that most people might not be that well acquainted with – but this doesn't mean you shouldn't take a look at this product. Likely to get the name far more well known in the United States, Nars Cosmetics is now offering free samples of their most popular products through their website. All you have to do is go to the above link and type in your information and the samples will be on their way to you.

L'Oreal Paris

L'Oreal Paris is one of the world's most popular and trusted cosmetics brands, though some of their more top range products can also be pretty expensive, so most women never get to try it unless they go to a store – or have a friend who lets them sample some of theirs. This is too much of a mission for most people, which is part of why sampling is such great.

YSL Beauty

YSL Beauty offers a huge range of cosmetics and beauty products through their website, including foundation and lipstick. If you'd like to give their products a try, they're sending out free samples of some of the products available through their range. Again, all that you have to do is fill in your information and wait for your samples to get to you – remember to keep track of your ordered samples through a spreadsheet if you've ordered from several companies.

Haley's Beauty

Haley's Beauty is an online boutique filled with special offers and a wide range of specially-designed cosmetics, beauty and skincare products; they offer some of their special collections as free samples, and you can order your free sample from them just by filling in your information.

Want even more beauty and cosmetics samples?

  •  Visit your nearest brick-and-mortar cosmetics store and browse through their range – many of these cosmetics stores keep a huge stash of free samples in the back that people don't know they can ask for!
  •  Take a look at your nearest magazine rack to track down some magazines that still ship with special gifts and samples for readers – there are way more out there than you might think, and you can usually leave with several samples if you have the time to look.